Unreal Engine - controlling it with OSC

I’ve been learning Unreal Engine these past weeks and am very impressed with the possibilities!

Virtual Production is a mind-bendingly powerful tool for videographers.

And the possibilities for my personal love, live audio-visual performance, are immense!

It is still early days in terms of how easy it is to create good content, but many have started: see for example Tristan Gieler’s wonderful EvMan live A/V demo - Very impressive work!

I see a great opportunity for TWO for work such as Tristan’s, so that mappings of OSC between Ableton Live and Unreal Engine can be more dynamically over time, forming part of the narrative.

I’m a bit disappointed by the current state of OSC integration in Unreal Engine, it requires very large amounts of verbose Blueprint creation…

But they have hinted at a future feature that would make this MUCH more streamlined, so that’s just a temporary hurdle.

I am also in touch with the developers of libossia (which I recently integrated with TWO, to take advantage of its OSCQuery functionality), and they are working on integrating libossia into Unreal Engine.

So the future is looking very bright for controlling intricate real-time graphics with OSC!