Record/Edit/Play back OSC from Resolume, with TWO

I’ve been experimenting with using TWO as a timeline OSC record/edit/playback tool for Resolume, and have come quite a long way, but I’ve realized that by default, Resolume does not react well to having all the data it transmits being sent back from TWO verbatim.
Some messages are not meant to be received at the density they are sent. Others overlap, and while all are sent, only one should be received, etc.

I would love it if you wanted to test things out, to figure out what of the Resolume data should be filtered out in TWO and/or Resolume, so that it can work in unison with TWO!

I’ve put together a little video for this post, which you may find a good intro:

There is also a blog-post with all the steps needed to take the TWO & Resolume integration as far as I am able for the time being, and plan to continuously update it: … tegration/

I’ve just released a new version of TWO, which is currently free to use – download it and please let me know how you get along!

First off, kudos to you for making this, it’s some next level genius level stuff. I’ve been looking for an elegant way to add visuals to ableton live with resolume in windows for years now, and this seems the best out there, and very open-ended. The latest version doesn’t install for me, I get a runtime error, but version has installed correctly and opens. I saw elsewhere you were sort of inviting help from people in exploring the ableton/resolume link, I’d love to join that effort! Are there project files or anything else you can share? And can you help so that the latest version installs, like is there a specific runtime library I need to go install to make this work? Again, great work, and thanks!

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Thank you for the kind words!

For the Resolume integration, the files linked within the post from above are still up-to-date, especially considering you are not running the latest version of TWO.

You mention it didn’t work for you on Windows, I assume version 10?

I’ll try the installer on a few more windows machines around here to see if I can recreate the error - meanwhile, if there’s any specific error message do let me know!

I am working on wrapping up a big set of improvements, specifically towards better integration with programs such as Resolume, as soon as that is out I’d be delighted for you to try it out with your setup.

The most important question is, of all the parameters that Resolume continuously transmits, which ones would it also react well to have sent back to it the same way it sent them? Because in my experience, recording and playing back all messages just confuses it, especially the many “Position” messages using which it echoes the current time within each clip.

Ilias B.

Meanwhile, I figured out what the issue was and hopefully fixed it thank you for reporting it!

I’d love it if you could try this installer:

What happened was, the installer detected a pre-requisite was missing on your computer (the Microsoft VC++ library), but then the code for fetching and installing it had a bug.

The installer linked above should work however!

Sorry for the delay in responding, I just tried the new installer and it works, great job! I’m going to go back and load the files in the original post, I think I understand your point, it sounds like Resolume gets overwhelmed with messages and we need to find out which ones are essential and which could maybe be muted. One of the things I’m trying to do is make something that can get results almost like Ebosuite with it’s tight A/V integration and glitchy remix effects, but for windows of course, and dividing the work between dedicated DAW and VJ programs so separate computers could divide the workload if needed. That’s part of what drew me to TWO, it sits in the middle of all these different programs and and makes all the work of juggling MIDI and OSC around so much easier, it’s brilliant! Anyway, it might take me a little while, but I’ll testing thins out and will report back, thanks!

Great to hear from you, no worries, these things take time!

I’ve been putting the final touches to the revision of TWO’s messaging that makes a much better integration possible, and have been testing it out doing more complex things, like having many programs interacting through TWO. Not QUITE there yet, but I’ve made a lot of progress - here’s a little preview of what I’ve been trying out to verify the new changes make the most sense:

OSC Pilot and Resolume (demo versions) are here collaborating, through TWO, with TWO providing the recording and editing, as well as bridging.

Interesting about Ebosuite, didn’t know about it, I’ll take a good look at what it is, I love innovation in these fields!

On that note, my dream is to learn Notch well (I have a CG background so should be manageable), and make works that involve Ableton, TWO And Notch.

This blew my mind, surely with TWO it can also be turned into an interactive live instrument I am hoping!


Just a heads up - I’ve released a big set of improvements, most relevant for use with Resolume, currently out for windows with OS X coming up.

I’ll work more on examples on the new features, meanwhile, the included pdf does a good job of explaining them.