osc::MadformedPacketException! Caught!elementsize must be multiple of four

Hi I opened the application V0.9.12 on Mac OS V10.14.6 and noticed when I click messages there’s an error

osc::MadformedPacketException! Caught!elementsize must be multiple of four

It’s appering every second, whats the meaning of this error please?



Hi Jon!

That means that TWO received a message that doesn’t conform to the OSC standard, at least not as the oscpack library implements it.

I’ve been using oscpack inside TWO for the OSC communication, it is one of the better OSC C++ libraries available.

I have not myself gotten that message in TWO actually, and since its appearance depends on the messages sent to it I’d love to know, what application’s messages trigger it?

You could quickly find out by enabling your senders one by one to single out which causes it.

It could also simply mean that the UDP package is corrupted during network transmission, which is not unlikely if you are transmitting over WiFi or WAN, in which case you could improve network conditions and use a LAN connection, to see if the message stops appearing as frequently.

Thanks for the report!

I’m using TouchOSC via my mobile via WiFi during my testing period on my local LAN as a test harness or stub in absence for Ableton which will be the source. However I will close my other apps VDMX and VUO, though as far as I know I do not have sending capability only receiving. However I do have a working configuration and routing for network locations and name space mappings other than this issue. There was some initial crashes which maybe was due to port conflict bindings that I cannot re-create. Right now I’m not routing over WAN as trying to get my firewall open.

Hi I only have TWO open and no other applications, I do not create any configeration and I would provide a screenshot but it says new users cannot upload images. the result os a long list of these error messages.

Ah, yes those messages are definitely weird, not something I’ve seen on my machines!

I’ll go through the settings for the forum to change the image restriction now, didn’t know it was there, must be one of Discourse’s many defaults.

Re:the messages, do you have TWO open alone in its default configuration, or with OSC Locations defined? If you have a project file you want to share using which this happens, do email it to me, and I will try it on my mac.

If TWO does this even if you haven’t loaded a project:
TWO has an OSC port open, “Incoming Model Events Port”, which you can set in “Global Settings”, and is for controlling TWO itself in so many words.

Could it be that something else is sending to that port?

You can try and change the port to another value and see if it stops.

But I can add, there’s no harm in those messages for your use of TWO, they don’t interfere with any other functionality, and clearly they are not signs of packet corruption since you aren’t sending anything!

Ilias B.

Hi Iliasb,

Cheers for the update. I created a short video of my retest for you. It’s no real issue for me as you mentioned but hopefully you find this handy.



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Hi, thank you very much for that!

Given that the message changes depending on what change you make to that port definitely means that’s the port causing the print-out to begin with, which is very helpful to know.

IF it were a problem, the next step to debug it would be to use Wireshark to monitor where those UDP messages are coming from. Wireshark can be asked to monitor traffic, and can show which source sent a message to a particular destination.

Don’t bother with that in your case, since these printouts cause no harm whatsoever, other than fill up your console…

I am reviewing several minor “User Experience” issues now for the next release, and adding a switch to turn off this Remote Controlling of TWO would be a nice option to add, which should also allow you to switch off those ports completely, and not get those messages - since you are not using them.

Also I’ve reformatted the (quite ugly) messages :slight_smile:

Ilias B.