No MIDI reception on second two file loaded

Version 0.9.11

Load a two file with a MIDI namespace and device defined. MIDI control values show on Scene.

Load another two file with a different MIDI device setup and no response to moving MIDI Controls.

Reload first two file and MIDI control values show on Scene.

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I tried reproducing this but couldn’t. Was the problem with the two files you had sent me?

First I loaded the Console file you sent. Set the MIDI to receive on a (loopback) device. send MIDI CC 56 to it, and say the master volume react.

Then I loaded your other file, set the device, and sent MIDI CC 21 to it - and saw Filter 1 move.

Both project files I had saved with the Midi Input device setting, and then just loaded them in, the behavior is still correct.

Maybe I misunderstood your description?

Ilias B.

yes, same files.

Is your “loopback device” the same in both cases?

In my case, each “.two” file refers to a different physical device.

Each “two” file has a device already selected.

  1. Start TWO
  2. Load DJ Console RMX two file
  3. Move a control and see value change in Scene
  4. Load Kontrol F1 two file
  5. Move a control and do not see a change in value in the scene.
  6. Load DJ Console RMX two file
  7. Move a control and see value change in Scene


I’ve done more testing, also with different physical MIDI devices (two synthesizers), and have not been able to reproduce this.

Perhaps if you tell me which two devices you use that can give me a clue? Long shot, but I have a lot of gear, maybe I have one, or both :slight_smile:.

Looks like it’s a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 that’s hogging the MIDI.

I tested first with the F1 and Hercules DJ Console RMX.

I added an Akai APC mini and could isolate the F1 as the problem device.