Getting a crash on Clearing Namespace in a Scene

I am getting a crash to desktop in

  1. Goto Scene Tab.
  2. Create a new MIDI Address. It will create a default Namespace with many MIDI Nodes and the Address area selected.
  3. Select an Input Device and Input Channel
  4. Press Pick under MIDI Namespace
  5. Press Clear in the dialog.
  6. Move a control on your MIDI device.
  7. Crash to Desktop.
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Indeed if you’ve pressed clear, the selected address editor should immediately be cleared too, and display no controls.
Right now the old GUI components in the “Address Editor” linger on, and only get properly destroyed once the Address is deselected in the list.

I’m very close to making a new release, and will include fix also for this.

Thank you for the report!

Ilias B.


There’s a new version of TWO available to download now, where I’ve fixed the bug you reported among other things.

Let me know how you get along, and, as always, I’m very curious to see what you make using TWO!