AudioVisualBach app fails on Mac Ventura

Recategorizing this as a bug.

Mac Ventura 13.3.1(a) – running the app fails with:

“The application “” can’t be opened.”

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Indeed the AVB application has had problems on macOS for some time now, it uses Java and OpenGL (through, both of which have fallen out of favor with Apple I’m afraid. AVB also relies on libraries for Processing which are not supported on Processing versions 3 and up, so it’s probably more effort than its worth to adapt it for the ever-changing Apple platform.

Last time I tried it did work, but that was on an Intel mac, on macOS 11(?), so I am not too surprised that on Ventura it doesn’t work at all, albeit of course I’d much rather it did. Assuming you are on Apple silicon, installing Rosetta might be a step on the way, but that may not suffice alone.

That’s also why I removed it from the macOS installer package. It would have been great to find a replacement for it of course. The closest I can think of is the app, which - in the paid for version - has an interesting OSC implementation, albeit not as “complete” as AVB’s, for examples individual OSC messages cannot trigger individual particles being created in the visuals.

But, more on that in your other question!

Ilias B.